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Religious Education

Obeying God’s word that salvation comes from faith in Jesus Christ (John 20:31)

Returning Students Who Attended Our Classes In The 2020-21 School Year

You have received an email from the Religious Education Department with your registration information.

1st Year Student Registration Information For The 2021-2022 School Year

Thank you for your interest in our 2021-2022 Religious Education Program. The Archdiocese of Miami requires 2 consecutive years of Religious Education preparation in order to receive a sacrament. The first year of the program emphasizes the foundations of faith. The second year continues this emphasis and prepares the student for the sacrament.

Dates To Register

  1. JUNE 5, 2021 – JUNE 30, 2021: Registration Open.
  2. JULY 2021: Religious Education is now extended through July 16. Religious Education will be closed July 17th — July 31st. No registrations will be accepted.
  3. AUGUST 1, 2021 – AUGUST 15, 2021: Registration reopens.

We will be accepting registrations following the guidelines below:

  1. Registered parishioners are given priority into all classes.
  2. We will accept non-registered families with a Miramar or Pembroke Pines address that is located in the St John XXIII area.

Registered Family = Parishioner ENV# and active participation from January 2021 to present (active participation is attending mass and contributing on a regular basis either online or with envelopes)

During August Registration ONLY

If you live outside of the St John XXIII area you may register if space is available. Call the parish office (phone number at bottom of this page) to check availability before you complete the online registration form.

Class Structure

For Grades 1-5, there will be an online program AND 4 parent/child classes to attend. For Grades 6-11, there will be an online program along with a monthly class to attend. Review the calendar of classes below. Given the nature of this program, attendance to every class is required for advancement into the second year. All classes will be held at St John XXIII. Parents will need to work with students throughout the school year to review the curriculum, meet homework deadlines and attend classes.

How Do I Register My First Year Student(S)?

  1. Review one or both of the calendars below, depending on your child’s (or children) current grade in school. Keeping in mind class structure, determine if this program will work for you and your family:

  2. You must fill one Registration Form out for each child you are registering.Pay careful attention to STUDENT SACRAMENTAL section of the form by providing information requested for all sacraments your child has already received. If your child has not received any or all of the sacraments listed, please indicate by writing NEEDED on the line provided on the form.

  3. You must also have a copy of the child's baptismal certificate.

  4. Scan both the registration form and the baptismal certificate into a PDF file and email them back to

  5. Once we receive both the registration form and the baptismal certificate, we will send you:

    • First year annual family tuition AND the link to make the tuition payment

  6. When payment is received and matched to the scanned documentation previously provided by you, we will send you an email confirming your acceptance into the program.

Please note: no registration form will be accepted without a baptismal certificate.

Tuition Information

Tuition is per family not per home address

First Year Registered Family TUITION

  • $150 for 1 child

  • $ 50 each additional child


  • $200 for 1 child

  • $50 each additional child

Parishioner ENV# and active participation from January 2021 to present (active participation is attending mass and contributing on a regular basis either online or with envelopes

If you have any questions please call the Religious Education Department. Our office hours are Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM.

Thank you,

Mrs. Cabrisas Director, Religious Education

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