St John XXIII Catholic Parish Church in Miramar, FL USA

Religious Education

Obeying God’s word that salvation comes from faith in Jesus Christ (John 20:31)

The mission of Saint John XXIII Religious Education Program is to assist parents in their efforts to give the precious gift of the Catholic faith to their children. We hope to show our children that they are an important part of our faith community. We aim to show the entire community that Saint John XXIII is more than a place to worship but also a home where families can share laughter, tears, and play and pray together. We, with the parents educate our students in their Catholic faith so that they can face, with confidence, the difficult and often dangerous choices that confront them in their everyday lives. We desire to foster and nourish a joyful hope, founded in Jesus, our Savior. To help facilitate these goals, our program has set certain policies and we ask all parents to become familiar with them.

The following are the information for Religious Education program.


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